Round Door Pullhandle 2019

For 2019 Surfaceskins are also able to offer a round pullhandle, utilising our exact same self-disinfecting technology as our Pushpads. Please email us for more information. 


These pullhandles are also highly complementary to gel dispensers and hand washing. Gel dispensers and hand washing make hands clean, Surfaceskins KEEP hands clean, when passing through a door. Two systems, [Surfaceskins & gel dispensers / hand washing] with very different infection control roles and benefits working together. 

Pullhandle Video [Trade Show Preview]

Surfaceskins: Door Pullhandle Details

Available 2019:

  • Door pullhandle fits securely onto custom mount
  • Weekly disposable & replaceable*
  • Complements existing hand cleaning practices & gel dispensers
  • Low cost, minimal capital outlay & easy to fit
  • Designed to reduce the spread of infection, killing germs in seconds
  • Secretes alcohol gel under pressure to self-disinfect surface
  • Demonstrates a passion & commitment to hand hygiene