Door furniture helps to prevent the spread of Germs

Great article by Building Better Healthcare Magasine.

Extract from acrticle:

“Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched a new range of self-cleaning, hygienic door handles and push pads to help break the chain of infection and reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other illnesses.

Doors and door handles are very often high use, shared touchpoints that represent a potential vector for the transmission of microbes.

And they require ‘frequent cleaning’ under the latest government Coronavirus guidance for employers.

The new products in the Hygienic Door Handle range can be easily fitted to any push or pull door in any building environment including health centres and hospitals.

They work by releasing a small amount of ethanol gel under the fingers and hands when pressed…. ready for the next user.

The door handles work in a similar fashion, releasing a small amount of alcohol gel from an internal bottle to self clean the handle for the next user.”