Surfaceskins are a unique innovation in touchpoint protection: Our range consists of alcohol gel door push pads and pull handles, which when pressed, secrete a tiny amount of alcohol gel to self-clean in the VITAL SECONDS between ONE user and the NEXT passing through the door.

This ability to self-clean in SECONDS critically helps STOP THE SPREAD OF GERMS as multiple people can pass through a door only seconds apart.  It helps stop individuals from being forced to touch a dirty contact surface they do not want to touch.

Aside from self-cleaning in seconds, the products provide a high visibility advertising and branding platform, which can be branded and used to deliver key infection control, best practice, or social distance messaging.

To view our Surfaceskins USP video please see:

Surfaceskins kill germs in the vital seconds between one user & the next passing through the door (via secretion of alcohol gel to the top surface when pressed by the user). Alternative copper, silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level. Please see the below graph showing how our products kill germs in seconds vs the kill time of competitive products. It is vital that on frequently touched surfaces such as door handles the product kills in seconds between users not hours.

Surfaceskins are NOT designed to clean hands, as that is the job of the gel dispensers and hand washing and it is absolutely vital people do this, however, it only takes one individual with unclean hands to deposit germs and bacteria on the door, putting subsequent users at risk.

Therefore, if you use a gel dispenser or wash your hands, (as you should), but then touch a dirty door, you risk potential contamination. If however, you use a gel dispenser or wash your hands and then use an Alcohol gel push pad, your clean hands STAY clean.

Summary of Surfaceskins Role

  • Hand washing and gel dispensers’ clean hands, but as soon as you touch a door you risk becoming contaminated and potentially undo all the benefits of washing your hands. Surfaceskins complement and actively PROMOTE the use of existing IC measures [Hand washing and Gel dispenser usage], via messaging on our products.
  • Surfaceskins help solve a serious infection control problem and complement hand cleaning, by keeping washed hands clean and preventing the spread of germs to yourself and others, or in key areas.
  • In short: Gel dispensers and hand washing make hands clean. Surfaceskins KEEP hands clean, when passing through the door.
  • Gel or handwashing = CLEAN HANDS + Surfaceskins = STAY CLEAN.

Surfaceskins Pull Handles are engineered to kill deposited germs in SECONDS, to protect every user. The Pull handle is designed to fit onto standard 19-22mm D-Handles and has a replaceable reservoir bottle at the top allowing rapid continuous protection.

Easy fit Pull-handle with replaceable Refill Gel Bottles (Sold in packs of 10). Please note, the viscosity of our gel is specifically engineered to work with the Pull Handle and give a controlled delivery to achieve self-cleaning in seconds, protecting every user.

Each Single Complete Pack Pull Handle, includes 2x 100ml gel bottles. Additional Gel Refill bottles are available in packs of 10 bottles. Product Fits: 19 -22mm Diameter & 300mm Centre to Centre D-Handles). We also can supply Aluminium D-handles to fit this product if your existing handles are not appropriate.

Custom Pull Handle Cover designs to deliver your brand and key messaging are available, please contact us on t0 discuss your requirements.

Pack Size Options: (Single Complete Pack 1 or 8x Single Complete Packs)

  • Single Pull Handle Complete Pack 1 Contains: (1x Single Pull handle, 2x Gel Bottles, 1x Bottle Cowling/Cover, 2 extra Fitting Grip Pads + Fitting Guide)
  • 8x Pull Handle Complete Packs Contains: (8x ) (Complete Single Packs: 1 Single Pull handle, 2x Gel Bottles, 1x Bottle Cowling/Cover, 2 extra Fitting Grip Pads + Fitting Guide)

Push Pad: The products are quick & easy to install in seconds. For the Push Pad, the holster simply attaches to the door (for 6 months to a year), via the two adhesive pads on the back and the push pads simply snap fit click into the holster.

Pull Handle: The Round pull handle clam shell opens up to snap lock on to the D-Handle. Refill bottles can be purchased in

If Surfaceskins pull handles do not fit, we can also supply standard D-handles which are compatible with the pull handle (Please see the pull handle products sections).

  • Push pads: tested up to 1000 activations
  • Pull-handles: Change refill bottle as and when required. The bottles gel level can be viewed through window in the outer casing / cowling.

Surfaceskins are manufactured in our UK dedicated factory.

For all order enquiries, please email or if you prefer to call, please contact our sales team on +44 0113 340 3170

We aim to dispatch within 24hrs, the products are shipped globally.

Surfaceskins are a vital and currently missing line of defence, which both kills deposited germs in seconds and complements and activity promotes existing infection control measures. Surfaceskins can be used to deliver high visibility messaging such as social distancing messages or to support national campaigns.

Pre Covid-19, Surfaceskins underwent a circa 6 month study in hospital theatres, (published in the JOHI), which demonstrated a significant beneficiary link and approximate 80% increase in the use of existing alcohol gel dispenser usage .This study demonstrated that aside from the ability to kill deposited germs in seconds (to protect door users), they also significantly helped increase the frequency of use of the existing gel dispensers.

Surfaceskins are validated in an NHS laboratory and have been through substantial In-Vitro trials with two studies published in the JOHI.

The products have undergone over 7 years of development with key material scientists and Infection control academics,  were originally engineered for acute care areas in hospitals, were validated in an NHS laboratory and were engineered to fulfil a vital missing line of defence.

Surfaceskins were specifically engineered to stop the spread of germs on frequently touched Surfaceskins between doors users, in order to help preserve health and wellbeing.

Although we ship these products globally, across many sectors, Surfaceskins were originally engineered to protect against healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) in acute care areas in the healthcare setting (theatres, wards, HDU’s, neonatal, clinics, customer foyers, toilets and food preparation areas).

Surfaceskins are being shipped for use all over the globe, from UAE to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK, across a wide range of sectors, from hospital, healthcare, to clinic, dental, transport, office, food preparation, sports and manufacturing.

Surfaceskins are ideally suited for a range of industries, are very popular for office to factory use and help protect business, visitors and staff.

Case Study: Vida Carehome BBC article :

For more examples, please see our testimonials section.

Yes, subject to MOQs, we can offer two custom options. Holster Stickers & Push Pad Artwork.

Both the Holster Sticker (the sticker on the top of the holster) and actual Push Pad area offer a high visibility branding and adverting platform to deliver key campaign messages of your choice. The Holster sticker however is much easier to customise with a quick turnaround.

  • Custom Holster Stickers: Quick and easy to customise and take circa 10 days. MOQ’s for custom holster Stickers are 250 units.
  • Push Pad Artwork. Artwork requires 5000 units & is subject to a longer lead time.

Surfaceskins use 60% Ethanol Gel. The product is NOT claiming hand cleaning, only self-cleaning.

Extract: 60% ethanol alcohol gel or 70% isopropanol alcohol gel is considered sufficient to kill bacteria and some viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 according to the globally renowned Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Surfaceskins are unique as they are ‘self-cleaning’ therefore according to the MHRA, not a medical device. No claims for skin or hard surface cleansing are made for the product. ISO certification is currently being undertaken and is expected early in 2021. However, GMP practices are followed in the production of the product. We confirm that the product is manufactured in a controlled environment by skilled workers. We can also confirm that the product has been tested in various laboratories including NHS laboratories to validate the efficacy against germs. The NHS laboratory tests and in-hospital trial results have both been published in the Journal of Hospital Infection.”

Yes, Surfaceskins secrete alcohol gel on compression to kill deposited germs in seconds. Please see: 

The products span any sector globally, from healthcare and office use to restaurant, food hygiene, educational, cruise ship and event. They are designed and manufactured in the UK, last for around 1000 activations and through custom branding and messaging help demonstrate a company’s commitment to hygiene and wellbeing for staff, patients, and visitors.

  • Kills Germs in SECONDS, to help protect every user. 
  • Demonstrates a company’s commitment to hygiene and wellbeing for staff, patients, and visitors.
  • Low cost, minimal capital outlay & easy to fit.
  • Validated in NHS Laboratory.
  • Hand washing and gel dispensers clean hands, but as soon as you touch a door you risk becoming contaminated and potentially undo all the benefits of washing your hands. Surfaceskins complement and actively PROMOTE the use of existing IC measures (Hand washing and Gel dispenser usage), via messaging on our products.
  • Surfaceskins help solve a serious infection control problem and complement hand cleaning, by keeping washed hands clean and preventing the spread of germs to yourself and others, or in key areas.
  • In short: Gel dispensers and hand washing make hands clean. Surfaceskins KEEP hands clean, when passing through the door.
  • Gel or handwashing = CLEAN HANDS + Surfaceskins = STAY CLEAN. 

Surfaceskins are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, in a dedicatory factory just outside York in Yorkshire.

Surfaceskins Ltd: Office & Production Facility: Unit 11, Rudgate Business Park, Tockwith, York, YO26 7RD