Kills bacteria & viruses such as CORONAVIRUS in SECONDS
Self-disinfects in SECONDS to help protect EVERY user
Validated in NHS Laboratories
Alternative Copper, Silver & Plastic Products can take MANY hours to achieve similar germ kill level
Proven to INCREASE hand washing & gel dispenser usage by 80%
Demonstrates COMMITMENT to hygiene & wellbeing for staff, patients & visitors
LOW cost & Quick & EASY to install

Engineered by infection control experts and materials scientists to reduce the transmission of germs in seconds from repeated door contact. With over 5 years of development & validation in NHS Laboratories, hospital & schools.

Engineered to KILL deposited germs in SECONDS

  • Effective against bacteria & some viruses, such as Coronavirus
  • Alternative copper, silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level
  • Proven in multiple successful In-Vitro Trials, with excellent performance data & two key JOHI study publications
  • Promotes existing Infection Control Practices & Proven to increase gel dispenser usage by 80%
  • Demonstrates commitment to hygiene & well-being for staff, patients & visitors
  • Validated in NHS Laboratory
  • Low Cost & Quick and Easy to Install

Key Infection Control Role

The problem

“80% of infections are transmitted by hands”
Centre for Disease Control & Prevention

Multiple people can pass through a door seconds apart. It only takes one person depositing germs and bacteria on the door plate to potentially put subsequent users at risk.

The solution

Surfaceskins are engineered to self-disinfect in seconds, preventing the spread of germs and protecting every user.

How it works

Surfaceskins release alcohol gel, killing germs & bacteria in the vital seconds between one user and the next passing through the door.

Supports & actively promotes existing infection control practices

Study shows implementation of Surfaceskins INCREASES hand hygiene compliance & awareness by 80%.

Featured products

“Surfaceskins doorplates were efficient at reducing surface contamination by S. aureus, E. faecalis, and E. coli. Reducing microbial contamination of frequently touched door surfaces, and so bacterial transfer via hands, could feasibly reduce the risk of healthcare-associated and other infections.”

Professor Mark Wilcox, The Journal of Hospital Infection

Surfaceskins is a Trading name of Surfaceskins Limited. A Company incorporated in England and Wales, with Company Number 06529190 and whose registered office is, Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute Ltd, 169 Meanwood Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 1SR, UK.